Freaky Day

What a strange and unusual day. Church was great. We had a super day at church. We launched our new Marbles series. And we wanted to hit at the problem of materialism. To end the service, we challenged our church to get out of debt. We asked our members to fill out cards noting their endebtedness excluding their mortgage. For a church of 100 people, the total number was $750,000. That is a lot of debt. Holy cow. So we have a lot of work to do this year.

After service, as we were leaving, my wife accidentally backed into another car. The owners were visiting Legacy for the second time. Ouch. They were so very gracious. Insurance will fix it all I am sure. But it’s such a hassle for them to deal with. It’s part of life, but not something anyone wants to take part in.

Then, while I am napping, my son makes it home from the mall. Seems he snagged a truck bumpter backing out of his parking space.

Today, during the message, I preached about how it’s all just stuff. All our posessions are just stuff that we steward and that it doesn’t matter all that much. And then, when things like two accidents in one day happen, the preaching becomes a pop quiz, So now I have to swallow my initial feelings and realize it’s all just stuff. Someone said God is testing me. No. Not really. But God is watching. He is watching if I have a materialistic focus or a kingdom focus. Let’s just say I am learning to move the marker closer to the kingdom side.

Maybe tomorrow will be a bit less eventful.

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