Living Rooms

Last night we had our launch for our 2009 small groups, which we call Living Rooms. And it was a good start. We have our host homes in order for the most part, we have most of our leaders in place, and we have some of our people organized into groups. So that was a big step.

I love Acts. Acts represents the first church under the direct and immedieate influence of the Holy Spirit. And how they organized themselves is a good reference for a healthy and vibrant church. I have read Acts chapter 2, especially the last few verses, on many occassions. When people teach on small groups it is this portion of Scripture that many use as their reference. So what does it say? It says that they

   Continued in doctrine that the Apostles passed down to them, which is our Bible today.

   They shared their posessions.

   They prayed together.

   They broke bread which many interpret as communion.

   They met house to house.

   They lived in simplicity.

To me, small groups can accomplish much of these things on a regular basis. What our Living Rooms consist of is that they share a meal, enjoy a short Bible study, and pray for each other. And, if possible, the group tries to meet the needs of those in their group. Simple. Easy. Basic.

I was taught that as a church grows larger, it’s important to find ways to make the church grow smaller. That is the process of building small connections within a large structure. One of the ways we can do that is through Living Rooms!

One Response to Living Rooms

  1. joncurtis says:

    i have always enjoyed “home groups”. thanks for your comments.

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