Way back in the day when we started Legacy, I determined that I wanted good seating. You know, the plush, confy, butt embracing chairs. So we went with the higher end church chairs. We need to order more. So today I ordered a few more. Everytime I order chairs I think about what I used to sit in back in the day. Pews. Metal chairs. Countoured plastic chairs. Ahh, those were the days. The phrase that paid in those days was “the mind can only endure what the butt can.” Two hour services in those babies would literally numb a person from the waist down. But now, we have luxury. It’s really one of the only things we spend good money on. In the next four months, we will order a few chairs each month til we get what we need.

Right now we have our comfy chairs at the beginning of the service. Then, as the service unfolds,we run ou and set up some padded folded ones. There really not all that bad for padded folding chairs. But someone told me the other day they were uncomfortable. I get it. But people really only have to sit in them for about 40 minutes. Sitting in those babies for 40 minutes is not near as bad as sitting in those paralyzing metal or plastic chairs back in the day for over an hour.

So, we have some more chairs coming. And we will keep em coming until we run out of space for chairs. And if you want them sooner, feel free to gather your closest friends with numb legs and help fund the cause for healthy legs!

2 Responses to Chairs

  1. Bruce Chant says:

    we want photos
    we want photos!
    we want photos!!!

  2. OK. Here is the link to the chair we buy in all its butt confy magic.–Classic-Church-Chair–29–mo.html

    Here is the link to the similiar leg numbing goodness of our extra chairs

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