School Daze

Every day, I drop my kid off at school and sometimes pick him up. And as I watch these teens migrate into school, I wonder how many of them really understand that God has an amazing plan for them. I wonder how many of them will say no to the many temptations they face so they can better insure a great future. I wonder how many of them will understand the principles of good money management and avoid getting into debt. I wonder how many of them are learning about relationships so that they are careful who they date and even more careful who they marry. I wonder how many of them understand what it really means to love others and will walk in love. I wonder how many of them realize that their life will amount to very little real worth without Christ.

The next time you roll through a school zone, why don’t you pray for the kids you see. They all seem to be in a daze and I hope deperately that they snap out of it and realize their God given potential.

One Response to School Daze

  1. I used to do that all the time when I dropped off my sons. Pray for someone crossing the grass or coming from the parking lot. Sometimes some of them seemed so forelorn and sad that I just held them up. Public high school was not good for my sons. I ended up pulling the youngest out as a junior and homeschooling him for a semester and then he finished in an alternative building program high school. He excelled there. I think all of the youth need our prayers every day because even when you work hard to set the right example, have a living faith, and encourage your children, the temptations of the world are so powerful that they can be pulled into all sorts of trouble,

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