AT&T lessons

I loathe everything about calling AT&T. I can’t begin to explain all the frustrations and irritations and hours wasted trying to solve problems they create after I call them. I digress. We can take some lessons out of the AT&T support fiasco. So here are my observations.

– If you are going to tell someone you care about how they feel, it won’t matter until your actions validate your words. No matter how much you tell me how sorry you are for my inconvenience, it won’t matter until you work dilligently to resolve my issue.

– It is not enough to solve the problem. It’s better to work on preventing the problem in the future. We can either be in the business of putting out fires or preventing them. Both are immediately effective, but one can go along way to preventing multiple fires, the other simply quashes it but doesn’t prevent damage.

– Training matters. People may not like training meetings. But they are important. Reviewing problems helps us learn and grow. To invest in being prepared for the future helps prepare clients for the future.

– When I get transferred three times, it really is tedious. Try to be the last person someone needs to talk with. Be the person that solves the issue. Everytime I get transferred, my irritability raises 10%. And to quote the incredible hulk “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

– If you damaged me or my experience, repair it. Offer me an incentive. If I messed it up, then obviously I shouldn’t be gifted. But if you messed it up, throw me a bone. Give me something that says you understand my time is valuable and you recognize it has worth.

– Pray with me on the phone. I know you can’t. But you really make me so very angry. You have messed up my service so many times with so many changes we didn’t request. So praying with me would remind me that the problems, though they are excruciatingly frustrating, are not that significant in view of the Kingdomf of God.

– Have 9-1-1 on hold when I call. I feel sometimes that I might keel over from the sheer frustration of dealing with you guys! It would show me you were prepared and that you cared about my physical health! Kidding of course. Sort of.

3 Responses to AT&T lessons

  1. jennet says:

    911 on hold….boo!

    Sorry…had to say that!

  2. Jennet says:

    Well, that might work. An “emergency” button if you start having a panic attack or something. Just remember – they’ll be calling ME! So if you really want me to talk to AT&T… man… if they ever called me because you were freaking out…. I’d give them an earful…. after I send you EMS 😉

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