Always Something

Yesterday I spent the day painting baseboards at the church. While doing that, I reflected on all the stuff I have done at previous churches such as:

Wiping down 200 used chairs sold to the church

Building a youth room from scratch, inlcuding a video wall and a drum kit with a Mazda RX7 front end poking out from under it. Painthing that youth room with striping. Building tables and video game stations. Zero budget. All fund raised or donated stuff.

Bulding a coffee shop and game room out of a church basement. This basement had to be emptied because it was full of junk. FULL.

Building speaker and TV cabinets.

Helped build out the kids room to look like a jungle scene. Mostly helped with the tech stuff.

Painted parking lot stripes and the red “don’t park” curb. Tedious.

There is so much more. But I found it fun thinking back of all the stuff I have worked on in the past. So here is the bottom line – they were all God’s house and all that work was for His house. We have a responsibility and obligation to care for the house of God. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can go overboard on the cause of excellence. But God’s house is to be clean, and painted, and organized, and sharp. And I suppose as long as I live, there will always be something that needs cleaned, painted, organized or sharpened.

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