Self Preservation

We continue to talk on Sunday mornings about Biblical stewardship. And the minute I even say the word stewardship, everyone immediately assume we will be droning on about tithing. But stewardship is about all the stuff and money you have and what you do with it. And, in case you don’t have a TV, news source, or any friends whatsoever, our economy has tanked. And when the economy tanks, whether real or over-reported, people go into self preservation mode.

Stewardship is not about self preservation. Stewardship is about managing whatever God has given you and using it for His purpose. Self preservation is important, but too much focus on it and it will destroy you. So here are some reminders about keeping self preservation in it’s proper place.

Determine to let people in front of you, open doors for them, or help them when you see them in trouble.

Give stuff away you no longer need, especially if you know of someone else who needs it.

Tip well. The dining industry is not doing so well. That means those people who bring your food are making a bit less. If you normally tip two dollars, give a dollar more. In fact, if you will order water instead of a soda or tea, you won’t even feel the extra tip leave your pocket.

Help those in need that you know. Make them a meal. Give them a gift card. Be there for them. If you can’t or won’t do anything else, pray for them.

Be a gracious listener. All my life I have wrestled with this. I need to let people talk and just listen to them. It’s the best way to make someone else know they are important.

What am I missing?

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