More On Stewardship

Sunday, I spoke on stewardship. And one particular guy in our church, we will call him David T., had some firewood. And I knew of someone in our church that needed some to help keep their fuel bills down. So I gave them both each others contact information. Dave contacted the recipient, loaded the firewood up, and delivered it, all for free.

That is what the picture of the church looks like. Sharing. Caring. Helping.

Someone in our church recently underwent surgery and was not up for cooking or anything else. So many of the folks in our church jumped on board and brought meals to their family. Sharing. Caring. Helping.

I could go on. We have so many stories like that at our church. But I want to encourage you to help be that person that shares, cares and helps. It will go a long way to make our world a better place. And, when you do that, you look alot like Jesus.

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