One Thing

Last night at church, we had our bi-monthly event called One Thing. We take prayer requests for a couple of weeks. Then we put each request up on the display for one minute while every person prays over that one request as it appears. And every time we do this, I am amazed at how really amazing the experience is. And there are a lot of reasons why.

No one is leading. We have no one at the front. The slides change automatically with a quick sound indicating the slide changed. But no one leads it. No one is in front. It’s a direct link from the one praying to God.

The music is simple. We play tracks from a podcast called “Music to Pray By”. I met the guy who put those together and he has such a great heart for worship and prayer.

Selfishness moves aside. Since we are praying for everyone else’s stuff, there is no time to be selfish or self centered. It is all about lifting up others needs to God.

We share a meal afterwards. People gather and talk and laugh and share life. The food is amazing. But eating amazing food with amazing people is, well, amazing.

The church gets a real chance to simply be the church. Church is not defined by Sunday morning service. The Sunday experience is important and crucial. But it’s not the only thing.

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