Will Someone Please Stand Up

I just read the inaugural ball will cost $150 million. And there had to be an emergency measure to get additional funds from congress to cover it.

Can we get someone to lead our country that will seriously stop spending money, who will make the hard choices, and get our country back on track financially and within reason?

This isn’t a slam against Barack. It’s a slam against our whole way of thinking. Our country is financially in a mess. Unemployment up. Retail sales down. Finances tight for most families. I understand this is an historic event an historic president being set into office. But how bout an historic decision to not spend that much money. How bout he stands up and says “let’s tone this thing down and preserve funds at a most critical time.”

Will someone please stand up and lead? Will someone demonstrate for our country an example of financial stewardship. Someone? Anyone? I am begging here. Oh nevermind.

One Response to Will Someone Please Stand Up

  1. mandyfarmer says:

    I did hear that Congress has passed a bill to NOT get their 2.8 raise this year. Unbelievable!

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