Another Obama Post

Today is obviously very historic. And it’s awesome to see the smoothe transition of power, the pomp and circumstance, the former presidents and dignitaries lined up, and the masses line up for the event. And, it is obvious that we have finally shattered the distance between the highest seat in the land and the possibility of an african american taking that seat. So today is pretty amazing.

The speech was pretty good. But it was predictable. And every four years, another person gives a speech that sets the tone for change, and how things will be different, and how we have to do our part and make this country work. Sounds awesome.

But I suspect the problem is not with the people independently. When Mr. Bush took office four and eight years ago, he too was optimistic about change. Until, that is, he ran into the politics of Washington. Our country seems to believe that Bush, all by himself, has messed up our country, our economy, and our foreign policy. If it were only that easy. The President, by terms of the the constitution, does not actually run the business of our country per se. The congress, in it’s different division of house and senate, are tasked with running the country and making laws. So the President is tasked with helping move legislation along, working on a budget, and more or less determining if bills become law or not. There’s more, but all in all, a President alone, does not make or run our country. Rather he is one of three branches of the government.

I think it’s interesting how vile and dirty some people are that oppose Bush. You may disagree with his positions. But he is still a former President. I have never heard such disrespect, vile language, name calling, and petty distaste in all my life. And no one, other than a sitting president, knows what it’s like to run that office day in and day out. If we are pointing fingers and calling names, why does it stop with Bush? Why not keep pointing all the way through congress. Those individuals were responsible for the laws produced in the last eight years in concurrence with our president. By the very structure of the consititution, the President cannot act on his own, nor can congress. But even with all that, I am disgusted with people who continue to name call and trash our former president in a way that is offensive and vile. If Obama fails, will those same people roll out the explitives and lavish them on the new president? I bet not. We are a country divided. If the man we want is in office, we love. If not, we hate.

I for one, though not a democrat, hope for the very best for the next four years. But my hope is not for the man. My hope is for God to work through the man and the congress. My hope is that Obama does not have to go through what George Bush had to in service to our nation. My hope is that Obama can truly be a catalyst for strength and change. But realisticly, I don’t pin my belief in him. If congress does not or will not change, we will have another four years of gridlock. You may believe that since we now have a majority of the government is now democratic that things will change and move forward. I hope so. But congress cares little about who is in the White House. They care about getting what they want regardless of what is good for the nation.

So we have a responsibility to do our part. We must pray. We must work hard. And we must expect great things. We must be hopeful. We must rally behind another four years. And we must not disgrace our country or those that serve by smearing the name of the former or current president. For when we name call, we are surely pointing out our own immaturity and inability to see the bigger pictures that are not yet clear to us. God help us all as we keep our nation before God.

Ok. I am done. Next…

2 Responses to Another Obama Post

  1. Chris Marlow says:

    I do know the Christian nation was pretty brutal on the Clinton’s and Obama for that matter. Sad how petty we can be!

  2. I agree. And I really think it’s time we all just stop tolerating this stuff. I hope desperately for the success of this new president. We just can’t afford partisanship. We are where we are today in part because of it. We must pull together. We must educate or eliminate those elements that divide us. Yes we have fundamental differences that we all stand on. But we won’t enjoy our freedoms of debate if we don’t first fight for our unity!! Thanks for your comment as always!!

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