A Couple Of Truisms

I had several conversations and heard about relationships and read stuff in the paper and watched TV and so on. And what comes up very often are a couple of truisms I think you may agree on.

1. People want you to give them way more grace than they are willing to give you.
2. People want you to judge them according to their heart, but they will judge you according to your actions.

These are important statements. And it reveals something. We aren’t good at looking at ourselves. But we are excellent at looking at others. It’s simply the way our body is made – our eyes point outward. The unusual aspect though, is that Christ used His eyes to see us, not how we were, but as we could be. He looked at us not where we were, but where we could be going. He knew all about us but refused to look down on us, but rather elevated us while He was on the cross. He knew that we would be a work in progress, and that if we would trust Him, our progress would be worth it.

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