Excelling from obscurity

I am always amazed by very ordinary people who rise to the top from obscurity. And even those people will often be unable to explain why they were elevated to their place of prominence. But when I find out that they are a Christian, that they have sold out to Christ, and have determined to follow Him no matter what, I get the “aha” moment. For the non-Christian or athiest, this kind of chatter is diminished and discounted. But I don’t think that’s a worth while reduction.

Honestly, I think Jesus loves it when any person completely loves, follows, and serves Christ. And I believe He takes so much delight in that that He propels and elevates such a person. And the process of elevation, whether quick or slow, is challenging. I don’t think Jesus promotes without forging their character. Seriously, what good is it to promote someone who has an awful character, simply to see them fall from their God given position. God wants people who both love Him, are committed to living their life holy and wholly before Him, and who will do whatever He asks, even in the highest of positions.

The not so obvious point of this post is that anyone, ANYONE, can excel from obscurity if they are willing to follow Christ completely and not off load their character once they “arrive.”

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