We don’t have the luxury

I watched this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqcPA1ysSbw&feature=related

And before I go off and rail on this, I first want to say that I am so glad that our most elite hollywood celebs are standing up and determining to support our President. I am glad they have determined it is their job to help make a difference and begin to make changes. Bravo. Seriously. I am glad people are waking up and deciding that they have a share in making a difference in our country.

Now the rant. I find it disturbing that now, all of a sudden, people are American. Now, all of a sudden, people are determining to make a difference. Honestly, we don’t have the luxury to turn off our responsibility or our sense of urgency when those in office don’t appeal to us. Maturity and leadership call for us as individuals to stand up and be counted regardless of who occupies the seat of leadership. It is almost as if these individuals, on this video, were holding back their “pledge” until Bush got out of office. How convenient.

I simply want to say that we must rise up and be amazing and helpful and serving and loving regardless. We simply don’t have the luxury to sit on the bench and wait til the conditions or the government or the environment or the economy suits us.

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