I Ache

It’s amazing how many things I am wrestling with right now. You too? Sure you are. But right now, there are just some things I need to deal with that just aren’t fun. Legal stuff. Parenting stuff. Staff stuff. Don’t we all just want a fun, happy life? Don’t we? Sure we do.

I think the next few weeks are going to be especially challenging legally. I have an issue to settle and I have no other options but to deal with them head on. I have tried to resolve the thing but have no options left other than fight or flight. So.

And with kids, it’s just discipline stuff. Normal stuff. I could blow the stuff off. I could just let my kids grow up with no discipline and happy all the time stuff. But I am raising kids to be well behaved, disciplined, well mannered and Godly kids. That takes energy and effort. Have you ever used a knife that wasn’t sharp? It’s not the hard part about getting the edge on the knife. The hard part is getting it nice and sharp so it’s effective. That’s the same with kids. Getting them to stay sharp and effective. Hard work.

Looking for a job is a pain too. Went on an interview today. Turns out it was not a job but a recruitment session for a real estate school. Not a bad idea really. But it’s not what I need. Tedious. How many resumes does it take to find a job? Just one. But which one will it be out of the 200 or so that have already flown out of my in box.

Church is going well. But like my kids, I have to continually hone our team to work together, be effective, and enjoy the journey. I am working on our next staff meeting and drilling down the idea of not all equal contribution but all equal sacrifice. It’s a great team. But it requires brain time, especially if something needs to be adjusted or tweaked.

Then there is my wife. No adjustment there for her. But probably for me. I am reading a book about what women want their pastor to know. And honestly, I haven’t done a great job making her life easier. She is a workaholic. It’s 10:49 right now. I am looking over at her and she is printing stuff out and doing who knows what. So, I am working on a plan to cook more, clean more, and just be available more to help ease her load.

Next week, I am praying through more of an agenda and a prayer list so that I don’t ache so much. I heard once that we all leak spiritually. I feel that. I feel like I am drained out a bit. But I have a God who knows how to soothe the ache and fill me back up. But, what would be really great is if Jesus simply decided to come back today and take me with Him!!! That’s not too much to ask is it.

One Response to I Ache

  1. David Tobey says:

    Life it is a four letter word, it gets in our way and trip over it.

    Legal stuff, I hate it too.

    Don’t have kids, so I can only guess, good luck, stay at bat.

    Worst job you will ever have is finding a job. It’s 24/7/365.

    Staff, how do we do this now, oh yes, assign, review, update, help, remind, oversee, encourage and then, ‘What was it I was going to do?’.

    Smart man, the wife always has it together, how do they do that?

    Of course we leak spiritually, God fills us up with all that grace and sends us out to get empty. I can never get it all out do when I come to get refilled it spills over the edge.

    God really is great, He is so understanding and always show me the right words I should have already known or remembered.

    Onward through the fog, fog lifts with aid of the Word.

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