Love Boat Post 1

We are doing a series in church for two weeks called The Love Boat. You can check out a mini site we put up called We are spending these two weeks to address men and women, made by God, to be filled with love.

For part 1, I focused on the men and raised three important things that men need to keep in the forefront of their minds.

1. Men should first be fully engaged in a relationship with God their Father. A man who is passionate about his faith and his zeal for God will immediately add hunk points to himself. If a woman sees her man reading the Bible, praying, leading in spritutal matters, and determining to be spiritually engaged, she will immediately think more of him than not. And the goal is not for the woman to ramp up her love for him. The goal is to be in love with God first.

2. Our men need to restore honor to our wives. We must treat thim with respect. We must co-labor in house care, chores, food prep, etc. We must make sure our wives are not over worked, unappreciated and weary from life. It’s our job to help her enjoy the journey.

3. We have to put the man back in romance. We have to be the man with passion and romance. We have to court them. We have to dote on them. We have to pursue them. We have to make it easy for them to be romantic. We have to take them to dinner and movies and walks and whatever else is romantic to them. But it’s our job to care for these women, the women that are God’s daughters.

We are men. We are men filled with love. We are men filled with love for our God and for the wife God gave us. We own our responsbility and our opportunity.

One Response to Love Boat Post 1

  1. jennet says:

    I had Justin read this and his only comment was that he was glad we found a good church. I’m sorry we missed it.

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