Too Busy?

Are we simply too busy for discipleship. When I first trusted Christ, I went through all kinds of classes at church to learn what Christianity was all about. And we don’t program like crazy. But I am concerned that people only get a spiritual injection on Sunday. And that also begs the question as to whether or not it is the church’s responsibility to push people forward in discipleship. And then there is the time and committment for the teacher and the taught.

I have been mulling this over for quite a while. And a while ago, I determined to put a ton of discipleship in video format on the web site. I kind of forgot about that in the midst of all the other stuff rolling around in my head. And I now fully understand people are not all going to go to church for classes on another night, even though they desperately want to. So…

I am pondering putting a series of classes both online and on DVD. Fifteen or twenty minutes for each class or session. I also am thinking of the scope and sequence. High schools and colleges do a pretty good job of laying out four year plans. 101 is before 201. 201 is before 301. So I am mulling this over. But I believe we have people in our church that don’t fully know how to read their Bible, understand the power and importance of prayer, or even know how or why there is a need for repentance. There is so much more. But that’s what I am pondering. Then, those that want help in a particular area can get it anytime they want!


One Response to Too Busy?

  1. Mandy says:


    I think you are on the right track. I see that even those who have been raised the the church are lacking discipleship. I’m praying about how to get our church children up to par on Bible Reading, scripture memory, prayer, etc.

    I like the DVD idea; because you are on target. People just do not have time to give another night to “going to church”. When you do get a free evening, you want to be able to spend it at home with your family.

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