Love Boat Part 5

We concluded the two messages on the Love Boat. Podcast and vodcast will be up shortly. It was great to talk with the ladies about what I felt God was speaking to them. Here is the condensed version…

1. Have a desire for true inner beauty more than outward  (I Peter 3:1-6)
It’s great that women try to look good and fashionable and glamorous. But having inner beauty will greatly inhance those gorgeous looks. Most men are growing weary of fake looks, plastic surgery and all that. A woman with beauty on the inside is so much more attractive.

2. Remember you were doubly refined (Genesis 2:18-25)
God made man out of dust. But God made woman out of a part of man. That means women were doubly refined. And women are just more sensative and more gentle and more special. Women need to remember that men are rough, and challenged, and rugged. Don’t expect men to walk away from their masculinity. And men should learn to appreciate the sensativity and detail orientation that many women posess.

3. It’s better if nagging comes after prayer (Proverbs 27:15)
We know that men need nagging or some things just won’t get done. But prayer can help. Pray about what you want done and watch God partner with you to accomplish it. Men are stubborn at times and hard headed. Nagging won’t always get the job done. So join with God to move those mountains.

4. Be aware of your choices. (Luke 10:37-42)
Not everything is critical. The dishes need to be done. But so does spending time with God. Relax. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to just not do some things and enjoy yourself in life. It’s ok to tell your husband to do some things that he needs to do and not do it when he doesn’t. But determine the most important things in life are what God is wanting you to do. Be who God made you to be and do what God made you to do!

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