Polarized and galvanized

Our country is becoming more polarized and galvanized. We have become so polarized. Coke or Pepsi. Abortion or Pro life. Republican or Democrat. God or no God. Socialism or capitalism. War or peace. And then, as we allow more polarization to set in, we become galvanized. We further entrench ourselves into our belief system. And if we are wrong, we will never know it because we are completely submerged with others who are wrong. And if we are right, we will be hindered from having grace and understanding for others.

I believe the Bible. There is no question in my mind about it’s validity, the reality of the Author, and the ultimate plan God has for mankind. I am polarized and galvanized on that issue. But in regard to people who differ from me, I cannot afford to allow my polarity and galvanization to keep me from loving, caring, extending, giving, and sharing.

Case in point. Someone pulled out in front of me the other day. And I of course made a comment. And my wife mentioned that basically I should chill out and not be so uptight about it. The guy pulled out in front of me and caused me some frustration and aggravation. I had the right of way and the person probably shouldn’t have pulled out in front of me. I was polarized and galvanized. But what I needed was to extend grace. It’s a stupid story I know. But the point is, there is a real and authentic way to be graceful and merciful and gentle while being polarized and galvanized. It’s not wrong to have backbone and conviction and zeal for what we believe in. It is wrong, though, to use that backbone and conviction and zeal to build a fence around ourselves so that no one can get in.

Jesus ultimately was polarized and galvanized. He absolutely knew He was God. And He knew that the position of man was ultimately man’s own fault. Yet there He went to the cross. Polarized. Galvanized. Yet He used His polarity and galvanization not to stand up and say “I told you so.” Rather, He took to the cross to give us a way out of our being people who needed grace and mercy. We, like Jesus, must be those that reach through our polarity, reach through the galvanizing, and love.

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