And it’s Monday

Today is Monday right? I kind of feel run over. We had church, lunch with friends, a birthday party, dropped kids off for bowling, dinner with friends, picked up kids from bowling, and then finally settled in for the evening. So today, I feel a bit run over. But here are some things going through my mind today.

I followed and on Twitter. I might regret it but we will see.

I read an overabundance of news today. I am always attracted to the off beat stories for some reason. I think people who write for the web have to have amazing headlines now days to get peoples attention, even if they headline is misleading.

Miley Cyrus is in hot water for pulling on her eyes in a photograph. Seems people were offended at her gesture, assuming she is making fun of Asian’s. While I understand their concern, is that lawsuit really worth billions? Here is the thing. Instead of just talking with her and coaching her, people blast her in public and file a lawsuit. I am sure this will make her much more sensative to all kinds of people. And those that have publicly blasted her should have to suffer the same scrutiny of the public eye and see how well they fare. I get that it’s insensative. But is it any less insensitive how she had been blasted.

There is a serious amount of Mexican food in Austin. It’s as serious as a bone to a dog. And everything about a Mexican food place is evaluated like the enchiladas or the hot sauce or even the tea. It’s serious man!

A-Rod. Roids. His fault? Baseball’s fault? The player’s association’s fault? I blame them all. None of them were really serious about dealing with this doping issue. The worst part? A players long term health are in danger as a result of taking steroids. But we don’t care right? As long as our team or our star athlete are performing exceptionally well. Wink.

I need to get a lot done this week. But all I want to do right this moment is take a nap. It’s 9:00 am. Wow that’s bad.

Some of my favorite shows are Chuck, Monk, Psyche, King of Queens, Raymond, Life.

I need to listen to some podcasts. I am woefully behind. Slacker might be a better term.

I hope you have a wonderful and solid week you that has read this far!

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