Today I got my haircut at Sportsclips. I go their faithfully. It’s simple. It’s guy friendly. ESPN is on every TV and at every chair. And it’s predictable. No surprises. And that’s great. That’s why I go there. The outcome is the same every time I go.

Today, though, I had a stylist that was a bit fiesty. I can tend to mess with people a bit. But she beat me to the punch today. Not rude. Just fiesty. And I enjoyed it actually. It was refreshing. She had personality. She had spunk. And that is really what made today a bit less predictable.

I think church needs a mix of this. We need to be a bit predictable. The outcome should not freak people out. The experience should make them feel good about spending their time at church. But the environment, the experience, and the setting can’t be all there is. The church must have personality. And when you throw a bunch of people together, it can be a bit like a multiple personality disorder gathering. But the church, when it is doing what God called it to do, let out it’s personality and be friendly and warm. People have expectations on the church that any church could meet for the most part. But the personality of the church is what pushes us over the top or finds us short on measure. So here are a few things that I am thinking about.

– Be who you are. Don’t be who you aren’t. If you are a megachurch, you can’t pretend to be small. If you are small, you can’t act like a megachurch. If some ministry is in place, there is no sense trying to seel how great it’s going to be when it’s up and running. Be who you are.

– Don’t settle for mediocrity. Limitations should not keep you from doing your best. There is no reason to not improve. If it’s for Jesus, it should be done in a way that will make Him smile. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

– Embrace your people. Every family has those really neat relatives and one or two strange and unusual ones. The church is no different. Everyone can be used by God for interesting and amazing things. But we have to figure out how each person, each individual, can help build a great place. Embrace the people.

– Laugh at the mistakes. Stuff is going to break. Equipment is not going to work. People will forget to work their position. Stuff gets spilled. Life is all about the journey. Might as well enjoy it. And when something just doesn’t go right, laugh at the mistakes.

What am I missing?

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