Rock Throwers

I have noticed lately that around every church there is a rock quarry. Not literally. But any church, doing anything, or maybe doing nothing, gets its share of rocks thrown at it. I read a blog. Not going to mention it. But their job seems intent on making fun of most things churches do. Sure the church, at large, has its quirks. We have had our scandals. We have had our misfires and misteps and mishaps. Churches all over the world are just trying to get it right, trying to do something for God, trying to make a difference and live out the life of Christ in and among us.

But the rock throwers. They just want to throw rocks. There is the music is too loud rock. Music to mellow rock. Message is watered down rock. Message is judgemental rock. Care too much about kids rock. Care too little about kids rock. They are copying culture rock. They are too big rock. They are too small rock. They aren’t spending God’s money properly rock. It’s like Goldilocks meets the people that caught the women in adultery. This bed is too hard so you get a rock. This bed is too soft so you get a rock.

Seriously. If you are a rock thrower, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself.

– Are you a certified qualified rock thrower
– What are you doing better than the thing you are throwing your rock at
– Do you know the people and the situation so well that you are right about your rock recipient
– How will throwing your rock help
– Are you a chronic rock thrower or is it just on one issue

I have determined, for me, if a blog has healthy discussion and good challenges to process and motive, I will hang with it. If not, if it’s simply a rock concert, I am not reading any more or following any more. My follow or unfollow won’t matter much to anyone else but me. I would rather create things that might get a rock thrown at it than simply sit back and wait for the next moving target to roll by and hurl a rock at it.

One Response to Rock Throwers

  1. Bill says:

    Brilliant. From someone who has both thrown stones and had a few whiz by, that’s a great exhortation.

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