The voids

As I get older, I begin to discover more of the voids in my ministry rather than the strengths. It’s easy starting out in ministry to think how amazing our gifts are. And that’s good. But it’s the voids or the weaknesses that get you. And adding people around us to help with those voids is critical so that weaknesses don’t become potholes. I continue, as I have for the last several years, to seek out and employ the help of those people that aren’t afraid to call out the voids. I operate in my strengths. I should not operate in my voids. It doesn’t help anyone.

You may be reading this and think “Oh good. Tony is on the right track.” How about you? Are you on the right track? Are you an island? Are you a Lone Ranger? If you are, you are not much good to anyone. Sooner or later your voids will hurt someone. Join me. Find help.

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