1 Samuel

I am preaching through the book of 1 Samuel in our Sunday services. I think reading the Bible bit by bit has become a lost art. So many reading plans have you read two chapters of the old testament and two chapters of the new testament and a psalm and a proverb. If it works for you great. It doesn’t for me.

When I go out to eat, I don’t stop at Taco Bell for a coke, head over to Wendy’s for a burger, and then to Dairy Queen for dessert. In the same way, when I read my Bible, I like to hang out in one place and get everything I can out of the reading.

Something else. When you read, consider trying to answer these questions.
Who is involved
What just happened
When was it in history
Where did it take place
How did God reveal Himself
Why do I need to know this and why did this happen

Those might help figuring out what God was doing in that passage.

One Response to 1 Samuel

  1. Cam Beck says:

    Great advice. Concerning the various books in the Bible, I also find it useful to consider:

    Who wrote it?
    To whom did he write it?
    Why did he write it?

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