You Can Achieve More

Being a father of a teens, the most difficult challenge at times is seeing the effort verses knowing the potential. I am amazed at what one of them will exert verses what they are capable of achieving. It shows up in grades. My son is in all advanced placement classes as a sophomore. So when he brings home an 80, I think to myself how he could have achieved more but didn’t. I think of how they do their chores, or relate to each other, or the various other activities in their lives. And I so want them to live life to fullest and have the live up to their fullest potential. And when they don’t, I feel like they are missing out, or are not setting good character traits, or all that other parental gobledigook kind of stuff.

And it draws my attention to God. It is in His nature for us to achieve more, to live up to our full potential. It can be measured in so many ways. The stuff that comes out of our mouth. The way we do our jobs. How we behave in traffic. How we are towards our family. God knows our full redemptive  potential and yearns for us to live up to it. And when we don’t, I think He knows. And I think He continues to impress on us the gap.

I hate the gaps in my life. In fact, I really loathe them. I don’t want to settle for less than God’s full plan and desire for my life. And I need to do some things. I don’t smoke, cuss, chew, or go with girls that do, as the old saying goes. But that’s not all there is to measuring up. It’s about that well inside of us. And that well has to come from some where. I want the well of God’s Spirit flowing through me. And at that starting point, I can begin achieving more, measuring up, and realizing God’s full potential in me. Join me won’t you.

If I could point to one person besides Christ that exemplifies that, it would have to be Billy Graham. I really don’t think there is an area where he came up short. Everything I read about him is amazing. A great pattern. A great achiever. A great spring through which the Holy Spirit could live out amazing potential.

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