What’s In Front

I continually have to remind myself to take what God has in front of me and manage that. It doesn’t matter what it is. Stewardship always leads to blessing and reward. Ladck of stewardship gets you in trouble. Do a bad job. You get fired or you keep your job if you work for ATT customer service. Take care of your house and it will retain its value. Take care of your car and it will last longer. Invest in your kids and you increase the odds of them growing up great.

The point? We seem to always look at what we want or don’t have and strive for that, often times leap frogging over what we should be dealing with at that moment. And it is often in the place of trying to bypass what’s in front of us that we lose out on opportunities for growth, wisdom, experience, or making memories.

What I have in front of me is vitally important or God wouldn’t have placed it there. Good or bad relationships. Good or bad finances. Good or bad experiences. God has us right there at that point and is asking us to work with what is in front of us. And, if we are faithful, He promised He would reward us. So let’s focus on the things in front of us.

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