Do your part

So Saturday I went to the grocery store. As I am leaving I notice a lady getting into her car. She leaves her cart in the middle of the next parking space. Seriously. That stuff burns me up. Why I don’t know. The cart caddy was only three parking spaces away. She just leaves it there, gets in her car, and drives off as if those carts magically return to the store. I drive around, stop, get out, put the cart in the caddy and drive off.

Here’s the point, if we all would do our part, the whole planet would somehow be more amazing. At church, it’s no secret that it bugs me when people leave an empty cup on a counter when we have trash cans around the building. At work, why can’t people just clean up and pick up after themselves in the mens room. I have brought donuts to work more than once. And I am amazed that someone would reach their hand into that box, grab the last donut and just leave the box there. Throw it away. SHEEEEEEEESH.

I really believe we would not have to extend as much grace and forgivness if people would only think just a bit more about others than themselves. OK. Yes. I am on my high horse here. But come on people. Work with me here. Just do your part. Leave things better than you found them. Think about the person that will show up after you. Are you negatively impacting someone else? If so, change. Jesus came to the earth perfect. He died for us. He left things better than He found them. We can at the very least work on this and model our life after Him.

Rant over. Go back to what you were doing.

One Response to Do your part

  1. Nat says:


    I am leaving this site inspired. Now I understand why I get so freaked out when the kids put the ketchup in the wrong place in the fridge and it’s all nastified. Some of it is me…some is the nonchalant attitude that there are invisible people picking up the slack for the less motivated crowd.

    Intense…I want to leave things better than I found them…



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