The Best Thing

What is the best thing that could happen within the walls of our church? Careful. What exactly would be one thing, the most important thing, to happen inside church? What is important to you might not be important to me. What is important to me might not be important to everyone else. So for you, what is the most important thing? One thing. The single most important thing. What is it in your opinion?

Here is the next question. How much do you believe in your answer? Do you found your decision on the Bible? Others? Discussion? Experience?

And the final question. If you believe so much in your answer, and you have it on good authority, what exactly are you doing about it? Specifically? Actually? Realistically? Are you radically sure of your item and are you radically committed to it.

If your actions don’t measure up to the zeal you have for believing what you do, then what you believe is of no effect. Paul said that he would show us his faith by his actions. If you really believe in something and that that something is radically important, your actions should confirm your determination.

The reality is there are a lot of important things. And the church needs more champions of causes instead of spectators. Do something. Do anything. Do the best thing. But don’t spectate. Spectators add nothing but noise.

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