Not enough

Maybe the church is simply not asking enough of the whole. More cash. More hours. More volunteering. More prayer. More comittment. It was an all in deal in Acts. It was so all in that loads of people died for the sake of Christ as martyrs. I think at times I have tried to make it easy for our church to be the church. Maybe that’s just not good enough. Maybe people want a challenge. Maybe Christianity should be more of a dangerous risk than a confortable event. Just thinking out loud here, but what if we

Expected people to read through one book of their Bible each month and share what God has been doing in their lives through it.
Expected people to serve in one way or another in our church or they couldn’t be a member
Expected people to financially give consistently, faithfully, and obediently
Expected everyone to participate in some kind of social action that would make a difference in someone’s life
Expected people to invite one unchurch or unsaved person to church each week
Expected people to commit to praying five out of seven days for the church and leadership
Expected each person to fast two meals a week and pray instead

What would that look like? Sound unreasonable? How then, did Jesus get away with it?

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