bi vocational

That’s a bit of a wirey word. I get paid to work, but not to pastor. But honestly, I love them both. There are a lot of reasons why I love doing both. But one of them is just being able to spend time with more people. And as I am around more people, I am reminded of the struggle everyone has to carry their faith to work, let it be active in the process of employment, and stay in touch with God throughout the day.

Even though I work at a faith based organization, it’s really quite easy to just work and forget about interacting with God. But I am on track. I am praying for my co-workers that are ill or trying to get caught up or meet numbers. I am praying for the success of the company. I am asking God to help me be a good employee. I am praying for my clients. I am not inviting God to go to work with me. I am looking to God to see where He wants to be at work in the company and joining Him in the adventure.

Here are some ways I am organizing this process:
     I have a prayer journal. And I write down those things that come up in the day that need prayer.
     I am listening to my friends and asking God to help them when I hear them wrestling with something
     I write down on my board at work those goals I have and asking God to help me
     When I can, I listen to uplifting and encouraging music to remind me God is present
     I am trying to watch my words so as not to dampen the environment but be faith filled

What am I missing?

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