What deflates me

Warning – This post is coming off the heels of a very long work day. So you have been warned in advance. Do not read further if you are not in a good mood, or if you don’t want your toes stepped on, or if you hate the church. It just won’t do you any good.

It deflates me to hear people whine about having to take meals to people who are shut in. Seriously. If I was shut in, I would hope people would bring me a meal and care for me and do it because the love of Christ was flowing through them. And if they didn’t want to be there, I would hope they wouldn’t come and just give me a free pizza coupon.

It deflates me to see people coming to church week in and week out, enjoying our building, donuts, electricity, water in the toilets, yet don’t think it odd at all to give nothing. I love to give to our church and to other churches. I get deflated when I can’t give more.

It deflates me to see people treat church as an option. The church is the agency on the Earth that Christ determined would house His presence and glory for the corporate gathering experience. I think we do an amazing disservice to Him when we treat it as an optional experience.

It deflates me to see people do absolutely nothing in the church yet enjoy all the benefits of the ministries taking place. Seriously. Everyone can do something. It doesn’t have to be much.

It deflates me to hear people whine about all the stuff the church should be doing, yet when we start to do some of those things, they don’t involve themselves in the very things they were pushing for.

It deflates me to continually push the vision of God forward and have to drag some people along for the ride. I have a great joke for that but I will refrain.

It deflates me to write about this. The church was meant to be glorious. Excellent. Beautiful. Productive. Impacting. The church is not for deflation. The church is for building up. The church is not to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy and plump. It’s a place for the redemptive ongoing work of Christ in and through our lives. Get on board. Get involved. Do your part. Row row row the boat!

You may now comment and tell me to quit whining and that my post has deflated you. Whily you are commenting, I will go on and do what I can for Jesus in those moments.

3 Responses to What deflates me

  1. Becca says:

    Preach it pastor!! I thought it was a very good post. Sometimes people need their toes to be stepped on. I find myself feeling lazy in some of these areas, and then I give myself ‘the talk”. We are to reach people and show them God’s love. If we can’t even get off our couches what does that say about our love of Christ?

  2. Thanks Becca. Driving this morning I had intended on taking this post down because it was, well, deflating. So thanks much for your comment. I do greatly appreciate it!

  3. Mike says:

    It is all good. Truth needs to be told, and sometimes the truth maybe “uncomfortable” but guess what… it is still THE TRUTH. 🙂 Preach-it-brother!

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