Unity or Union

Sunday, I talked about the concept that we can be in union but not in unity. I gave the illustration that you can get two cats to be in union together by tieing their tails together but that would not make them unified. Unity is powerful. Unity is emotional. Unity is a strength unmatched.

Look at the tower of Babel. They built a tower so tall that God marveled at their work of unity and ultimately had to dismantel it. God knows that when we all agree, we can do amazing things.

God’s purpose for our unity, though, is to accomplish what He set out for us to do. Disunity often is an awful way to walk away from the plans of God. Unity almost always requires a sacrifice for all involved. We don’t all get our way. But unity takes us farther than individuality. Put a guy on a bike and he can go far and fast. Put two or three on a multiple pedal bike and see how much faster they can go and more economical. I want unity. I want to be a guy living in unity.

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