Everybody has something

Having done a fair amount of counseling and probably having needed some in my day, it’s safe to say that everybody has something. We all wrestle with one thing or another. And the danger is not recognizing it in ourselves or reconizing it in others. Everybody has something. All through the Bible, different people struggled with their own junk. The disciples themselves were a mix of the Wizard of Oz crew and the three Stooges. Really, we are no different. Why should I bother to write this? Two things. One, it is my hope that you will not be too hard on yourself and realize we all need forgivness and grace and counsel. Two, we should not be too hard on others as they need grace and help and forgiveness.

Why is it Jesus is always the One to remember this more than we do? He died for us while we were yet sinners. Before we were born He had this crazy notion that we were somehow worth it. And He knew in advance we would struggle with some things. And generously, He said His grace would be enough.

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