Have you ever gotten frustrated at your personality? I have. There are times I wish I was wired differently. It’s like hair. I have not met too many people that are happy with the kind of hair they have. What’s that all about? I wonder if we forget sometimes that God has made us the way we are.  I wonder if we realize the strengths of our personality as much as we realize the weaknesses of them. God made us. Our hair. Our personality. We are what we are. We can improve. We can grow. But God made us. And our personality, though it can be a weakness, can also be a major benefit. I fight against certain aspects of my personality. But I also lean into those aspects of it that are a bonus. How bout you? What are the benefits of your personality? What are the weaknesses?

One Response to Personality

  1. Brian says:

    You really need to pick up a copy of “Living Your Strengths,” Uncle Tony! It speaks right to this, and and has helped me to really appreciate the way the Lord has hard-wired me.

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