I don’t know about you, but right now, I am pressed financially on every side. I am working to stay afloat personally. And when I look at the church finances, and the drop in giving the last few months, I start asking God for crazy things like lottery numbers or finding something of great value that has a reward attached to it. And I am guessing you might be in the same situation. So I thought I would write about this really exciting subject from my perspective.

First, I refuse to stop giving. I will give. I will give to God. I will give to others. I will give as God directs. I probably can’t really afford to tithe right now. But I refuse to stop. I can’t really afford to buy others lunch or bring donuts to the office. But I refuse to stop. I just refuse to be a stingy person and shut off the blessing of God through me.

Second, I refuse to get frustrated. I just don’t want to let a lack hold me down. I want to be positive and optimistic and not let it ruin me or steal my joy. I just don’t have time for it. And when I feel that frustration cloud roll in, I have to remind myself not to entertain it.

Third, I refuse to stop living by faith. God is my ultimate source. God has to be the church source. We are scrambling to pay our personal bills and the church is scrambling to pay its bills. I refuse to stop living by faith.

Fourth, I will see God as my source. He really is the only One that can provide. I can’t do it without Him. So why try. I trust God. I don’t always look like I trust God. But I set my confession on it and expect my life to follow in the need to trust God. He is my source. No matter what.

Finally, I refuse to get frustrated with those who choose to do otherwise. I am not God. So ultimately I can’t manipulate or influence their giving. So why bother. God will speak to them about whatever He needs to speek to them about. I just need to hear God for me and do what He tells me, both personally and in relation to church.

2 Responses to Finances

  1. jennetcetera says:

    Justin and I have learned that if we make our tithes the first thing to come out of the paycheck we never run out of money… even if we do the bills and there isn’t enough money, there always is. God is totally awesome like that!

  2. Thanks Jennet. I really believe the blessing is in obedience. And we may not see it in the time frame we want. But God is a rewarder.

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