Yesterday I ate at Freebirds. It’s a  burrito factory of sorts. Here is specifically why I love this place. Sure the food is good. But that’s not it. When you step up to take the order, the guy who takes your order is the guy who gets your burrito heated up, throws the meat and beans and cheese and lettuce and whatever else on there. It’s the same guy. He took me through the entire process. From one end of the order line to the cash register is probably about twenty steps.

So why do I love that? This guy is owning my customer experience. And he is talking to me the whole time. Granted we aren’t life long friends. But he owned my experience. And that is a secret ingredient for companies to make it today. Own the experience of the customer and you will own the customer.

One Response to Freebird

  1. Hey, we have a Freebird’s here. Coincidence or chain?

    This post reminds me of one I wrote the other day on a similar theme; don’t know if you had a chance to read it: Wine and service:

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