Jesus in two different places talked about separation. In place, he talked about the wheat and the tares growing up and at harvest time, a separation would take place. Later, He talked about the sheep being separated from the goats.

Seeing the church in action for so many years, I have too often seen the people of God trying to do the separating. Once that would be counted as sheep or wheat would often times get labeled as goats and weeds. Infighting. Arguing. Hidden agendas. Self preservation. Self righteousness.

I have heard a lot of people through the years just wanting to be in a place where no one judges them. Where no one looks down on them. Where people are accepted and are seen through the eyes of Christ. Me too. That’s what I want. I hate when I am not a part of building a church like that. But I am trying.

Honestly, no matter what position we take in the church, people are going to complain. Sometimes the same people complain no matter what position we take. We give too much grace or we are too hard on people. We write people off or we should write people off. For me, I am just going to ignore all that. It’s not like I have a lot to ignore right now. But I am setting my face to follow Christ in whatever way that looks like. I am not qualified to do the separating. I am qualified to help get both sets of people to the place of separating. Jesus can do that.

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