My prayer today

I am asking God to bless me amazingly financially. Why? I have dreams to write big fat checks to the church. I love the church. I love its role on the earth to reach people for Jesus. I love its role to restore people to life. I love its role in helping shape the character of young people. Sure sure. I know. What about all the damage the church has done. I could use that excuse about everything. The sum total of all the good the church has done on the earth far outweighs the bad.

So, my prayer is God will keep blessing me so I can keep giving. And I am praying for bigger blessings so my checks to the church can get bigger.

The church has bills. They need to buy supplies and equipment and materials and all that it takes to do the work of the ministry. But more than that, it takes money to reach people and I want the church to be able to afford to do that!!! How bout you?

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