Keeping the main thing the main thing. What is the main thing? How do you know it’s the main thing? What are you doing that keeps you from doing the main thing? What are you doing that is a distraction from the main thing?

So many times in business or orgaination, you see them begin something and have great sucess. Then, because they are scared of boredom or losing their position or members or income, they add more and more to the thing and it dillutes the focus on that thing and diminishes the excellence.

So what is your main thing? What do you do well? If I asked ten of your friends, what would they all say was the thing you are amazing at? That must be, then, your main thing. If I then asked those ten friends what you were doing that was a waste of your time and was not your main thing, what would they say?

The point is, there are only a few things that are worth doing. Let’s do those. Main things. If they aren’t worth doing, drop em. If you stink at it, quit it. If you have no zeal or no energy for it, it will suck the life out of your main thing.

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