Leadership training

This has been on my mind a lot lately. As I look at kids my sons age, I wonder who will make them into leaders. I look at people working in not so glamorous jobs and wonder if they will learn anything while in that job and who will train them to be a leader. I think everyone can be a leader. But doing a superb job doesn’t make you a leader. It just makes you an excellent worker.In fact, I have seen a lot of great workers get promoted, and then flop in the place of leadership. There could be lots of reasons, but doing a good job doesn’t train you how to be a good leader alone.

For me, leadership training has come in many forms. I had amazing guys that kept hammering on me about character and leadership and faithfulness. Guys like Pastor Duane and Pastor Phillip and Mick and Randy and Glen and on and on and on. They would talk to me about leadership and demonstrate leadership and talk to me about my demonstration of leadership. They continually pushed me in every way. And when I really wrecked, they would put the spiritual jaws of life on the scene and help pry me out of it. They helped me in my leadership.

I also learned leadership by following some not so great leaders. Just the opportunity to watch them make mistakes and bad decisions and see how they mishandled things, opened the door of education. Then when I repeated their mistakes, I completed my lab hours.

I learned from great men and women who wrote significant pieces of text that would stir and challenge and confound me. And those books were not all about leadership. But they all taught me amazing things.

So now, writing this, I wonder what I must do now to help promote leadership. God is obviously stirring me about this. So to be still and do nothing would be some sort of mismanagement of God’s direction. So, I am going to begin praying about how to unfold this with the team God has blessed me with. Leadership mentoring can be so amazingly rewarding. And I want to see the rewards of that.

One Response to Leadership training

  1. Sarah says:

    Aww, this is a great post. Discipleship in general is needed. So glad to know that my daddy was one of those men that showed you how to do it the right way…he’s pretty special 😉 Love you Tony!

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