Jesus rolls up on the scene. A woman is caught in adultery and now the court of the crowd is ready to kill her with rocks. Jesus steps in, says His famous line, and the crowds disburse. He rescues her.

Question – which one in that scene are you. You could be the person that is pointing and ready to throw the rock. You could be the person guilty and in need of a rescue. Or you could be like Jesus and ready to respond to the 9-1-1 call. I think the most fun, in all the world, is bailing people out who have no hope. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities. But I want to and I want to be able to.

You may need rescuing right now. Email me or leave a comment. You may be a rock thrower. Put it down and repent. But all of us can rescue someone. And the moment you make yourself available to it, you will soon find opportunities abound.

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