Verbs and dialog

I was having dinner with my brother and a mutual friend. And one guy said something that blazed in me. They were talking about what is important in writing a novel. And I heard these words – verbs and dialog.   I never heard that before. I thought and thought and thought about it. And they were right.

Verbs talk about action. What’s happing? What is the thought? What is the main activity?

Dialog. What is being said? How did they say it? Who said what?

Life is about these two things more than we know. What did we do or are doing or are going to do and who have we talked to about what. I think we need to be living lives that people could easily describe and recount with verbs and dialog. It’s all through the Bible. It’s through history. And now, on this earth, we can determine to live a life that is novel worthy.

One Response to Verbs and dialog

  1. Laura McCord says:

    Hey! Just letting you know I have a blog. so, um, I have a blog…

    You can find Shannon’s blog there too!

    Yay for blogs!!!

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