Don’t freak out

I know. I haven’t blogged in a while. I think I needed a break. I have been absorbed in expending lots of creative energy at work. So when it came to writing, I was just empty. But I may be getting back to normal. So don’t freak out. Not sure of my impending frequency going forward, but here is one post after a short hiatus.

Tonight I sat in a living room full of people who talked about what all God had done for them in the last few months. As I sat and reflected on all the conversation, on really loud theme broke through – God loves to put people together to do amazing things. God has such an amazing way of strining situations and events and circumstances and people together, all for the very purpose of revealing His colossal love for us.

Right now, today, I feel that all kinds of issues are up around my eye balls. I wonder where is God on some of them. I question what is happening and why aren’t things being resolved and what is God doing. Listening to all these individuals, though, reminds me that God is certainly at work when I don’t see Him. Story after story uncovered God doing His work. So be encouraged. You may not see the way out. You may not know how it’s all going to work out. But God really does. You may be frustrated. Hang in there. Yours is not the impossible to solve problem. But please don’t stay isolated. Be close to your friends and family. Find the places of love. If you have that, the rest will be easier to walk through.

OK. I know. Disjointed post. But it’s kind of what I am thinking about right now.

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