Christmas Time

It’s now upon is. And it seems that for some it is a time of great joy and fun. For others, it is a time of almost dread. And I started wondering today what would Christmas be like if no one bought anyone presents. And what if we did that for five years in a row so that we would have time to get used to the notion of a gift free year. It’s not that I am opposed to gift giving and all that. But it kind of seems like the mood of many is determined by the amount of money they have to spend on presents. I love that people want to give. But I think we continue, year in and year out, to struggle with this presents thing.

Adding to that, if you can’t afford to buy a gift for someone and they buy you one, then down goes the mood again. It’s as if there is this deep feeling of regret, all because of the presents.

And we say it every year – Jesus is the reason for the season. But Jesus seems to get played out of Christmas. In front of Him is Jim Carey in the Grinch and Christmas Carol, Walmart’s mega sales, all the stuff that has to be draped in and around the house, the countless parties, and getting a picture of Santa with the kids. Just so you know, I love all that stuff. I am not scrooge (well not completely). But Jesus is really getting ripped off. And I wonder if He gets a bit frustrated that how we feel at Christmas often has very little to do with Him.

I know for us, finances are tight right now. Giving gifts like we like to is going to be a fun challenge. But I am reminding myeslf that it truly is about Christ. There is absolutely no reason I should get frustrated when Christmas is about Christ and not about what I am trying to accomplish this time of year.

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