I can feel it coming on for our church next year. There are some changes that I believe God is directing us to make. Not huge changes. But changes none the less. In some cases, it is more like adding on to existing things. In other cases, it is changing up how we do things. But all in all, it should be good, easy to manage, and more precise to our vision.

Change is always good. Retooling is getting different tools because the new jobs require it. And that is what we are doing. I am pretty excited. Some things for next year are

– More outreach where the focus is only simply loving people
– Wednesday night intensives that are geared towards helping people with their Christian living (marriage, money, parenting, discipleship)
– Kids ministry needs more focus from us from decorations, curriculum, teacher rotation, and participation in the main service
– Missions has to come further into our view. We need to think longer and harder and be more committed to that effort
– We need to have more fun. The church should be a vibrant place. So I am intent on making more fun moments for us all to experience.

What do you think? Good? Bad? Crazy? Ideas?

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