Late Nite Thoughts

It’s kind of late. Not really sleepy. But need to go to bed soon. But I am feeling a bit arrested by the presence of and peace of God. I so often wrestle with my inabilities and weaknesses and failings. And I always need to be working on those. But I am at peace, knowing God loves me anyway. While He wants and needs to help me grow and find balance and discipline, He also is wanting me to relax and enjoy just being His son. I make Christianity out to be too complicated sometimes. But there is an uncomplication of just sitting here, at 2 am, and being at rest in my spirit.

It has been a really REALLY tough year. So many ups and downs. I have had the greatest of feelings and worst of feelings. I have had great friendships get better and other friendships just sour or fade away. I have had money and have had less than no money. But here, now, with the house all quiet, I am at peace. And that is a good place to be. Going to go to sleep now I guess, mainly because I know I need to. But it is such a great and sure moment.

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