Today after church several families headed over to the laundramat. Not to do laundry mind you. We loaded up with rolls of quarters, detergent, some candy canes, pizza, an cokes. We thoroughly confused the people there. They were not sure why all these people just showed up. We had no laundry so it was obvious we were out of place. But in we came. One quarter at a time, we paid for peoples laundry. One smile at a time, we handed out slices of pizza. Some spoke English. Some did not. But we were there simply to bless people. It was pretty amazing to see people be blessed. We heard comments like “nobody does this kind of stuff anymore, sharing what they have,” and “why are you guys doing this, and “you guys really brightened up the place.”  No strings. No catch. Just a simple act of love. I had a long conversation with a guy. Nothing amazing really. Just conversation. One lady hugged me and said thanks. And it was great to see our church go in and serve. Our folks helped fold clothes, move laundry from the washers to the dryers, some handed out candy canes, some helped carry laundry out, and some served up the pizza and cokes. I even picked up the trash on the floor just to make it a bit better than we found it.

And at the end of the day, I was more blessed than them. I was the receiver really. I was the one blessed. I admit I heard about this laundromat outreach from a friend at work. But we took the idea and made it our own in our back yard. And I feel like God blessed me through it more than anyone else. Thanks God!

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