The funnest job ever

OK. That post was hugely sarcastic. I think the most challenging and draining job for a new church is continually raising funds and encouraging giving. Writing the post I wrote earlier today was just not easy. And wondering about how God will provide is such a challenge. Sure. On the one hand you totally trust God. On the other hand, there is always great fear and trepidation.

I love our church. I love the stories of our people telling me how they are delivered from addictions. I love hearing about marriages getting stronger. I love hearing about people who God has blessed immeasurable simply because they were faithful. I love hearing the stories of connection and relationships and being open to God’s voice of direction. I love all that. And I love giving and serving and loving and caring and helping and building. But raising funds is not honestly the funnest job ever. I don’t often ask for prayer on my blog or through Twitter. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I asked for it. But I am asking for it now. I have prayed for so many people in the last twenty years who found themselves in moments like these. And now, friend, I am asking for some of it back!

3 Responses to The funnest job ever

  1. David Tobey says:

    Grace and Peace are always with us, it surrounds us where ever we go. Christ never asked for money, He asked for us to be in relationship with Him. It is not always easy, sometimes it real hard. What does it take to plant a church, where do all the people come from, what does it take, where do we start, what is more important? I only know that Jesus will bless each of us when we are present with Him. Ask, Believe and have Faith, it is not does not always come in out timing. For me it never comes when I want it, and it is never what I want, but I still believe that Jesus is the answer, the way and the truth. It is enough for me, but I will continue to ask, believe and have faith. YFIC DTobey

  2. David Tobey says:

    Your preaching is right on the mark. So lets try something new, lets do the stuff. Lets just stand or sit and wait to be filled with the Spirit. I believe it will work, Come Holy Spirit, fill us with your peace, heal us from ourselves and anything that is not of God. Heal our bodies and our minds.
    What do you say, take down the clock, wait on the Lord, open our hearts Lord to know you in a more powerful way, fill us to the top.

  3. David Tobey says:

    Ready Set Go!!!!!!!

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