It matters in the long run

Was thinking the last few days about the tasks at hand. Sometimes what we have to do seems so trivial and meaningless. And if our life was measured in a 48 hour window, it might seem like a complete and utter waste. But really, who you are and what you do matters. And it matters as each second is stacked on top of the next second. While you may not be encouraged or excited about this very second, all of the seconds matter. And every second added to all the others will make up your life’s work.

So take heart. What you do is important. What you did that no one saw is important. The prayers you prayed are important. The love you showed is important. Your life can’t be measured just today. It has to be measured across time, just like a book can’t be completely read by plucking out a page. It has to be read from the beginning to the end.

So hang in there. Your life counts. It’s will be measured at the end. And you have significance. And it is found in the smile you put on God’s face through trying to please Him with your life!

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