If you think things will get better for you, but you won’t have to take any risks to get to the better place, you are probably mistaken. The bible is full of people who took risks…Moses…David…Noah…Joshua. All were faced with small challenges, then bigger challenges. All required risks. All required these basic elements for achieving great things for God:

Listen to what God is saying
Understand the mission
Step forward and walk toward the mission
Overcome every obstacle with God’s help
Ignore the naysayers but heed the prophets
Be careful of attitude
Be immediately obedient
Achieve the mission
Give God credit
Share in the victory and the spoils

One Response to Risks

  1. Dtobey says:

    Risk is the only road, it is fun and exciting. Everyone in the Bible who took the risk was honored by God in some way. After all these years I some times think that a risk is the last thing I want, but no, I want more. Fill me up Lord!

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